Fretboard controls

On-fretboard controls

Each fretboard has its dedicated set of icons to control some features. These icons can be toggled on and off using the button in the sidebar for a clean presentation of your document.

Drag and reorder fretboards

Click somewhere with no icons on the toolbar and drag the fretboards to reposition them in the document.

Selected fretboard

If you place a fret-marker or a shape on a fretboard, or click somewhere with no icons on its toolbar, or on the pencil icon, the fretboard will be selected.

The selected fretboard is where notes will be placed if you generate a scale with the scales generator, where notes will be transposed if you use the transpose function, and where settings will be applied if you change them in the options panel.

Swap fretboards

If you want to swap the position of two fretboards using this feature is quicker than dragging them around. Click on the swap button and then on the other fretboard and the two will be swapped in the document. To cancel the swap after you clicked on the swap button just click again on the same fretboard

Duplicate fretboard

Generate a copy of the fretboard, useful when you want to add someting similar with small variations and you don't want to start from scratch with a new fretboard

Delete content of fretboard

Deletes the content of the current layer of a fretboard

Select all on fretboard

Selects all the fret-markers in the current layer of a fretboard


Plays all the notes on a fretboard. The function will play up to 5 notes per string in sequence then jump to the next string.

Insert title

Toggles an editable field above the fretboard diagram where you can insert a title

Insert description

Toggles an editable field below the fretboard diagram where you can insert a description

Select columns layout

This is where you can select how many columns this fretboard will span. (Learn more about columns)