Tools panel

Using lines to highlight shapes on a diagram

Draw lines
Activate the 'Draw lines' function, click on the fretboard and drag until you like what you see, then click again to add the line to your diagram.

Poly-line mode
If you activate this function you can draw multiple lines each starting where the previous one finishes. This is useful if you deactivate the snap function and want to draw a closed shape.

To add lines in different colors you need to select a color with the color picker before drawing the line.

Delete a line
Click on the 'eraser' icon next to the line icon, then click on the line you want to remove.

Snap function
The extremities of the lines will snap in the exact center of the frets.
This is active by default and lets you precisely place the lines on the diagram. You can deactivate the function to freely draw your lines.


If you resize a fretboard all shapes will automatically adapt proportionally to still select the same frets.


Shapes, just like the fret markers, belong to a layer. You can put all your shapes on a layer other than where you placed your fret markers to toggle their visibility independently. To place a shape on a specific layer just select the layer before adding your shape. Shapes and fret-markers can coexist on a layer.