Social sidebar

A place for users to interact

The social sidebar is displayed on already saved documents (new documents are still not reachable from other users so there is no social sidebar).


This is the number of times a diagram has been visited by users other than the author.


This is the number of times this diagram has been used as a template to make another diagram. If somebody other than the author re-uses it, the author will receive 10 picks as a bonus.


This is the number of users that liked this diagram. Once you add your like to a diagram this will be shown in your profile, and the author will receive a 5 picks bonus.


Using this field you can donate some of your picks to the author of a diagram you like, as a way to show appreciation for a good work.


Click on 'comments' and the comment section of this diagram will drop down. The author of a diagram can moderate the comments he receives.